Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finding love on Facebook

We have found love on facebook.


And there's lots of community comments on our new project. Love it, hate it, there are a lot of options. Check them out and add your own. 

Here's a sample to spike your interest. 

Pam Lynn
Very cool and people that don't like the graffiti part are probably saying cool found some free yarn to knit with. But still a neat way to keep busy also.
July 14 at 9:04am ·  · Flag
Kimberly Manny
Kimberly Manny
Much better than some other forms of graffiti!
July 14 at 9:08am ·  · Flag
Sue Dalsing
Sue Dalsing
It's beautiful and I am jealous.
July 14 at 9:10am ·  · Flag
Sarah Vengersammy
Sarah Vengersammy
thats awesome!
July 14 at 9:11am ·  · Flag
Jen Bourget
Jen Bourget
How neat...I love the creativity!
July 14 at 9:17am ·  · Flag
Noelle Love Nastari
July 14 at 9:22am ·  · Flag

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