Friday, May 22, 2009

Podcasts...the new rage!

The Ladies expanded our technology knowledge and did another interview...Podcast Style!

You heard right, we experienced our very first LIVE podcast, and it was great. Well...we had fun and we think we did great, so hopefully it was great. He he...

Ester, Lucy Lynn and our newest member Evelyn made it all the way over to Arvada to discover a great new yarn shop called Knit Knack.

We missed Jeanne Lois and the rest of our international members, they couldn't make it, but they were in our hearts all night.

We did the podcast interview with this great lady named Marly. Man does she love to craft! And we loved her for it. It had a wonderful chat (our hour long chat) with her about what we Ladies do in Denver, and about crochet in general. It was nice to talk to someone who wanted to talk nerd with us (crafty nerd talk!), instead of talking about cops and trespassing. Thanks Marly.

We really did have a fantastic time with her and found the shop to be just delightful. Even though the store was long closed when we did our interview, leave it to us ladies to find a way to buy yarn. Which we did.

If you'd like to listen to our chat with Marly, we've added a link so you can do just that.

Thanks for the love Marly and Knit Knack!


Yes that's right we have expanded our Fancy Troops here in Denver. We are very excited to announce that we now have a great new lady named Evelyn joining us.

She saw one of our tags here in Denver and tracked us down. Which is very hard to do so, congrats to her! We're happy she did.

She already has a beautiful tag up and her very own page on our website. If you'd like to meet her and see her first tag, check out our "ladies" page.

Welcome Evelyn! We are so happy to have you. We look forward to seeing how fancy you can be. :)

The Radio Continues

Hello All!

We actually got to speak our piece after the crazy radio press we got. Our very own Ester was able to snag an interview with Alice 1059 and a few fun DJ's who host a great morning show. The interview went great, and Ester had lots of witty things to say. Not to mention all the big words we are proud she used. :)

If you like to listen just click below. It's a pretty hilarious interview.

Oh yeah, they dubbed us "graffiti grannies" which we love.


Thanks again for reading and supportin'!!

Love, Your ladies